The Poet

A typical name, a typical place. A typical person, a typical world. Everything is so typical, that we realise that we’ve made everything typical. Maybe our views need to change to see that nothing is actually typical. ‘Typical’ has become so much of a cliche that not being typical also seems typical. Actually, that is what seems typical. And that is what has been bothering me for long- what if somebody isn’t different? What if it turns out that none of us are different but actually the same?
And that’s why, I have my name as ‘The Divergent Poet’ to prove you that being different has become a cliche​ now and that being the so-called ‘typical’ beings are actually the different ones.
Quite confusing, huh? Don’t worry, things will clear up smoothly.
So here you are, about to go through a series of writings which might inspire you to wake up from bed or to do that thing you’ve been promising to yourself that you’ll do within this week. Or at least, I hope it’ll make you smile.
But, if there are any mistakes, please forgive me. Nobody is experienced enough not to make mistakes.
Hope you enjoy the following series of events.
With much love,
The Divergent Poet.