Do you see how they smile

Through stained lips from the masks of inflicted pain 

Knowing there’s nothing better than humanity

And nothing worse than loss.


A letter to my best friend on her birthday.

​Dear friend,  

As a matter of fact, I’ve more than the following 200 words to say. 

I know you’re very sensitive and it’s totally okay, or rather, totally the best trait to have. It shows how humane you are. It’s a beautiful word, which has now become a word that cannot be used unless it’s “deserved”. Just like our teacher rightly said, brains in this age are of no use if you’re heartless. Emotionless. The one trait I’m so afraid of in people. It’s such a pity to call emotionless humans as “people” or even humans. Anyway, moving on, always have emotions. Love emotions. Learn to cry. Learn to love. It’s totally okay if you don’t know how to trust in people, or how to love them. Because, how does a child know his name if not for his mother to call him so? 

Also, never forget to remember your parents. They’re the only ones who’ll keep on loving you till the end. Parents are a veil that protect us from this cruel world… They cover us, our mistakes… Don’t poke a hole through the veil and hurt yourself as well as your parents. Strive to be the real independent and not what everyone else might say. It’s totally okay to be different, the good different. Dont be the cliched bad girl. Be different, be you. 

Always smile and live life. Don’t stress yourself out for things that you’re going to laugh about tomorrow. Remember that there are people who always love you no matter what. And, we’ll really stay best friends forever. There are so many more things I want to tell you, but time and resource won’t get along with me. Wishing you a hundred more happy and memorable years. Happy birthday, dearest.

With lots and lots of love, 



Don’t you close your eyes 

And go to sleep

When the sun burns

Deep within you.

Don’t you act dead

And then scream 

When they bury you 

In diamonds and gold 

Deep inside the earth 

Where all that you can see will be

Worms and ashes.